The Story - The Women - Our Mission

The story:

It all started with an island, Bali.

I was born and raised in one of Indonesias’ tropical islands, Bali.

My mother, Farh Annis, is a hard working single mother who devotes her passion to cooking and raising her only child, me. She runs her own catering business, in Bali to provide.

My half- sister, Amy Menzer, was born and raised in Michigan and was also raised by a single mother Janet Roselle. Janet also worked hard to help her three daughters, (my half-sisters) all on her own.

Today, Amy is a hard working mother of 4 children and I am a part of the family.

After getting to know me from a long distance, I visited Michigan in 2018 to meet my half sisters for the very first time. Amy and her husband Doug Menzer, my brother-in-law decided to let me come live here so that I could finish high school and go to college in Michigan, to which my mother (Annis) agreed that this will be better for my future.

Months after I settled in Michigan in the late Summer 2019, my mother and her desire to be an entrepreneur, shared pictures of bags that were made out of plastics that were scattered around the islands of Indonesia. This sparked the idea to between Annis, Morghan, Amy and Doug, to start a company that can partner, design and sell these eco-fashionable bags, so that it can help clean the plastic pollution and give Annis and me more opportunity for the future.

After some planning, partnering, investing and branding, Tropibags was born.

The mission:

Tropibags focus on bringing awareness to the large pollution in Indonesia.

Clean Earth. Quality Life.

We've only just begun!