About Us

The fauna of Indonesia is characterized by high levels of biodiversity and endemicity due to its distribution over a vast tropical archipelago. 

Tropibags was started by Morghan Roselle and supported by her mother Farh Annis and sister Amy Roselle Menzer. Morghan was born and raised in Bali and wants to address major threats towards our oceans and waterways, the most important ecosystem of our planet.

We believe that everyone has a choice  and the power for change lies in the hands of the consumer – and the consumer mindset lies in the creative solutions that get to the root of the problem.

Tropibags has been created to accelerate a process of change that is already in progress. The Islands of Indonesia, where Morghan grew up and Farh Annis still lives, has declared a "garbage emergency" after the country's most popular tourist beaches were inundated with a rising tide of plastic waste.

We can reverse this. One recycled, fashionable, reusable bag at a time. We also look forward to bringing other Earth conscious products, in the future. 

The environmental cause is the biggest movement in the history of humankind.

We want to turn the garbage into reusable products so that we can enjoy the fantastic blue universe beneath us — Our Oceans and waterways. 

 Clean Earth. Quality Life. 


Left to Right: Morghan, Farh Annis and Amy